Professor Roy Sandbach

Professor Sandbach has been involved with the Young Leaders Award scheme in 2012, and now we are excited to announce he has agreed to be a Patron of FoHB.

Here are a few words from the man himself:
The annual Young Leader Awards Ceremony with Patrons Mark Wilson and Professor Roy Sandbach (right)

The annual Young Leader Awards Ceremony with Patrons Mark Wilson and Professor Roy Sandbach (right)

You’ve probably never wondered where Fairy Liquid comes from, or wondered who exactly thought of Head & Shoulders ! Well, I’ve spent my career as a scientist inventing and developing new everyday products like these, working for Procter & Gamble, one of the biggest companies in the world.

This might not sound very interesting but it has given me the chance to live in Frankfurt, Rome and Brussels and I’ve met consumers who use our products across the world from Beijing to Boston, from Cairo to Caracas, from San Francisco to Soweto ! This has been a privilege for me, taking a look inside the lives of many ordinary people, rich and poor.

Now I have left P&G and work at Universities around the country. I still do some scientific work, but mostly I teach students how to be more creative and how to build their ideas into new businesses.

I am also passionate about education. I think that everyone has the capability to be successful….but many of us need help and guidance. If we get that we can really change the world. So, I am a governor at Seaton Burn College and help at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, among other things.

To be involved with High Borrans is great for me. I see people building their confidence, learning how important it is to work in teams and realising that they can achieve things ! Fantastic. I hope I can stay involved.

Finally, we sometimes have difficulties in life that are a result of our DNA….mine ? I’m from Sunderland and I’ve been an often-disappointed supporter all my life !