Richard Corbishley

What is your role within the Friends of High Borrans?

My role is to be a voice for the Primary sector and to offer support, ideas and any practical help I can. Being a teacher ‘on the ground’ as it were, helps me to gauge current opinion and collect ideas of suggestions from colleagues.

Why have you become involved with the Friends?

On our school’s most recent visit, I was asked by Jo if I would be interested in helping out and I jumped at the chance. High Borrans is such a wonderful place and offers such an amazing experience for our children that I was honoured to be asked.

What skills will you bring to the charity?

My experience as a Primary teacher of 20 years has given me an understanding of how children learn – of what motivates them, how to hook their interest and hold it, how sometimes the children who may have been ‘under the radar’ can blossom and shine when given opportunities to lead or when they are challenged in different ways from those they normally experience. I am passionate about giving children every opportunity we can and am aware of how so many of these opportunities are provided by the work High Borrans does! So, the other thing I can bring is enthusiasm.

How long have you been involved with High Borrans OEC?

We first had the opportunity to take a class to High Borrans about 10 years ago and it has been the highlight of the school year for our Year 6 ever since.

What has been your most memorable experience at High Borrans?

Every year throws up incredible experiences and memories. I particularly remember the first time we went ‘proper’ caving – I think I was just as scared as some of the children but I think it’s important for them to see their teachers in challenging situations too. I couldn’t tell the children to face their challenges if I couldn’t face my own. My most memorable experience, however, has to be when I took my own class for the first time when I was new to Year 6. There was one boy who was genuinely terrified of each and every activity we had planned. He cried before each one but confronted his fears and was determined to attempt everything no matter how scared he was. I’ll never forget the look for pride and hap[pines on his face after he completed each activity – it was a true privilege to be part of the incredible journey he went on during that week.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Hmm, well, I can’t cook but I love eating High Borrans steak pie – does that count? I love teaching and wouldn’t want to do anything else. I play guitar and have just brought a ukulele – which is small enough to bring to High Borrans when we go next! I am a third degree blackbelt in Taekwondo which keeps me fit enough to indulge my other passion – fell walking, which I do mainly in the Lakes and the Northumberland Hills.