Steve Braysher

I am the lead volunteer with responsibility for the Young leader’s Course.

I first discovered High Borrans when teaching geography at Long Benton Community High School well over 20 years ago and I have been bringing groups ever since.

Steve likes nothing better than a good long walk in the fells

Steve likes nothing better than a good long walk in the fells

About 3 years ago I managed 3 visits with various groups between December and February, on one we had the most amazing snowy week.  Walking and practicing winter skills above Kirkstone Pass in amazingly cold, clear blue sky conditions one day and then paddling on Windermere the next in a snow storm has to be the tops.

Before retiring I ran the Geography department at Ponteland High School in Northumberland and also taught on the Uniformed Services course that the school offer so I have been very much involved with young people.  Having served with a commission in the RAF (where I first came to the Lake District on training exercises with a Mountain Rescue team) in the dim and distant past I have had a bit of exposure to leadership training which I hope might be useful.

In the past I was a long distance runner (but never very good). These days too many bits don’t work so I have taken to trail walking, being a bit of an anorak about aircraft, and cooking – it’s a terrible thing to admit but I’m hooked on Master Chef and I do a mean sachertorte!